Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ok, back again wow two nights on the trot! Ha Ha.

Going to show you some other crafts that I have been partaking in over the last few months. In November last year I had the misfortune to 'trip' or more like 'fly' over the top of a big labrador. Not my own you must understand but a yellow lab. I landed full flat down on my front and to cut a long story short, I cracked a few ribs and it also came to light a few months after that I had damaged tendons in my foot. your foot as much as possible was the advice from the start, plus of course it would help my ribs to heal.

Standing making cards was to be honest not very comfortable for any length of time, so my knitting and crochet gathered speed.

Made a few cuddly toys from Gipsycream on Craftsy. Her patterns can be found here.

Honey the Puppy Dog was one of the first I made and the pattern was so so easy to follow. I had never really attempted to make anything like this before but I loved every single minute of it. I then had to make 2 more for my Granddaughters by request.

This one is Disco Monkey made from the Cheeky Monkey pattern from Gipsycream.  The yarn was sparkly as well as randomly coloured and I was very pleased with the effect. This I showed on Facebook and sold it straight away to a friend who lives down the road, so he wasn't part of my family for very long.

Baby Bear is yet another pattern from Gipsycream and he is an absolute joy to make. Made 2 more of these for my other Granddaughters in a lilac colour.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at these 'toys', those I have sold I have donated money to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance fund as a small thank you for helping to save my Hubby's life the year before last when he had a heart attack.

I will make any of these to order in most colours. Drop me a line on my email with your requests.

That's all from me for the moment hope to catch up again tomorrow.